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Use the APH Louis Database to Find Accessible Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Books

Looking for an Imagination Library book in braille, large print, or audio?

Examples of print/braille books.

In addition to the APH/DPIL audio books that may be downloaded from the APH/DPIL Partnership site and the selected DPIL books offered by APH each year in a print/braille format, some Imagination Library books may be available in accessible formats from other organizations. Here’s how to locate these books:

Find DPIL Books Using the APH Louis Database

APH’s Louis Database of Accessible Materials contains information on over 400,000 books in accessible formats—including braille, large print, sound recording, and electronic files—produced by over 200 organizations across the US. These accessible books may be available for purchase or loan from the organizations listed as contacts.

Here is a Louis link to a current list of DPIL titles available in accessible formats, with information on who to contact for each book title.

If you cannot find an accessible copy of a DPIL book using the link above, you can also use the Louis Database to search for other versions of DPIL titles offered in braille, large print, or audio. (Note: In some cases, it is possible these may have a different illustrator, author, or text than the DPIL version of the same title.).

Find Other Print/Braille and Picture Books Using the Louis Database

The Louis Database can also be used to search for particular types of books. Print/braille and picture books offer braille text on clear overlays that allow typically sighted readers to view the print text and enjoy the original print illustrations.

If you are interested in locating ALL available print/braille picture books, regardless of title, you can enter the following words in the Louis Database search box (note: be sure to use quotation marks): “Print, braille and picture”

Or you can search for a specific title, author, or subject.