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Collection of Mechanical Braille Writers for Embossed Characters

Erika Picht Portable Braille WriterThe Museum is actively collecting artifacts relating to the education of blind people and welcomes information on braille writers that might be added to the collection.

Please address questions, comments, additional information to The Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or phone 502-895-2405 ext. 364.

  1. Hall Braille Writer
  2. McElroy’s Point Writer
  3. Todd’s Improved Edison-Mimeograph Typewriter
  4. Hall Type-Writer
  5. Kleidograph
  6. Stainsby-Wayne Braille-Writer
  7. Perkins Braillewriter
  8. Picht Steglitz Braillewriter
  9. Boston Braille Writer
  10. Midget Braille and Point Writer
  11. Minerva
  12. Improved Stainsby Braille Writer
  13. Erika Picht Mini Brailler
  14. Picht Braillewriter
  15. Pyke Glauser Braille Writer
  16. Picht “Stenographic” Braillewriter
  17. JMG Stenotype Braillewriter #17
  18. Banks Pocket Writer
  19. J. M. Glauser Stenotype Braillewriter
  20. Foundation Writer
  21. Atkinson Model Portable Braillewriter
  22. Marburg-Lahn Braillewriter
  23. St. Dunstan’s Braillewriter
  24. Andersson and Sorensen Writer
  25. Light Brailler
  26. Tellatouch
  27. Perkins Brailler
  28. New Hall Braille Writer
  29. Blista Braillewriter
  30. Erika Picht Portable Braillewriter
  31. Marburg Tape Printer
  32. Lavender Braille Writer
  33. Possum Moon-Writer
  34. Ohtsuki Typewriter
  35. IBM Model D Braille Electric Typewriter