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Improved Stainsby Braille Writer

ca. 1933

V. L. Martin Co. Ltd., England
National Institute for the Blind, London

Improved Stainsby Braille Writer

This is one of the models sometimes called "crab writers" for their sideways movement and six keys that extend, three on each side of the carriage. In the original design, the carriage moved from right to left along a track and the braille is formed downward, just as they are produced on a slate. This model could be ordered with either the reversed or ordinary keys that produced braille as it is read. Paper is clamped to a metal base that is hinged for storage. Interpointing or interlining models were available. The carriage is polished stainless steel.

Carriage size: 12 x 3¼ x 3 inches

Base size: about 8½ x 11 inches

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