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Marburg-Lahn Braillewriter

ca. 1946

Blindenstudienanstalt, Marburg-Lahn, Germany

Marburg-Lahn Braillewriter

The Marburg-Lahn is basically an updated version of a Picht braille writer. The six braille keys and a spacing key are made of wood and topped with ivory. The paper roller is also made of wood. Turning knobs, at either end of the roller, feed the paper into the machine. The braille writer is attached to the bottom of the carrying case, which serves as a base. A nameplate on the front of the braille writer reads "Blindenstudienanstalt Marburg-Lahn." The number "2175" appears on the top left side, and "Made in US-Zone of Germany" is stamped on the front of the braille writer.

Size: 9 x 14½ x 5 inches (braille writer)
1 x 15 1/8 x 10¼ inches (base)

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