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Marburg Tape Printer
(Braille Stenotype)

ca. 1960

Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt, Marburg, Germany

Marburg Tape Printer (Braille Stenotype)

One of the most compact of the paper-tape stenographic braillers, it embosses 6-point characters on paper rolls. It features an operating mode that allows the operator to eliminate keystrokes for spaces. A skilled writer can achieve 250 to 300 syllables a minute. The front housing section swings open to reveal the keyboard. The rear section opens to the paper chamber. It is painted bright green. The label reads, "Blindenstudienanstalt BLISTA Marburg, Lahn Germany."

Size: 8 x 2½ x 5 inches

Index of Mechanical Braille Writers for Embossed Characters