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New Hall Braille Writer

1940 – 1972

designed and manufactured by the American Printing House for the Blind

New Hall Braille Writer

Designed to be rugged, light and simple, suitable for school use, the New Hall was the result of APH research that tested existing writers for durability, simplicity, and cost. Many standard, commercial typewriter parts were used to keep costs low and simplify repairs.

The New Hall was a modernized version of the classic, original 1892 Hall Braillewriter. Research proved that the original Hall Braillewriter had great merit and APH engineers decided to simply update the original Hall design with additional features. A line spacer, back spacer, margin regulator and carriage release were added. The frame was cast in one piece and the carriage welded into one unit. The placement of the die box made it possible to write to the very bottom of the sheet.

It was named the New Hall Braillewriter to recognize the contribution of Mr. Hall and keep the inventor’s name associated with the appliance that he gave to the blind.

The machine sold for $52.50 in 1950.

Size: 17½ x 6 x 10 inches

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