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Possum Moon-Writer

Possum Controls Limited

Possum Moon-Writer

Moon type was a tactile reading system introduced by Dr. William Moon in 1847. The letters were based on the roman alphabet reduced to their simplest form. It is essentially a "reading" medium; however several personal writing machines have been made. Probably the first moon typewriter was introduced in 1908 by Dr. Moon’s daughter, Adelaide Moon.

The Possum Moon-writer looks much like a portable typewriter. The paper is inserted and a pressure pad fits tightly on top of it. The master pad, a metal plate with indented lines from which the moon characters are composed, is at the front of the machine. A metal ring attached to a lever is above the master pad. The user inserts the right index finger in the metal ring and “draws” the shape of the character on the master pad with the right index finger. This transmits the shape to the writing mechanism and a stylus is pushed against the pressure pad inscribing a small version of the character onto the paper.

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