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St. Dunstan’s Braillewriter


Redwing Ltd., Croydon, England

St. Dunstan's Braillewriter

Developed at the research department of St. Dunstan’s in 1949, it was and upward writing machine designed for easy operation by one hand. It has many features of modern writers: (1)a backspacing lever at the right-hand side of the machine; (2) a lever which allows for speedy carriage return, (3) a metal strip with braille numbers on the carriage indicating the carriage position in braille cells; (4) line spacing accomplished by manually turning paper feed knobs; (5) paper fed from back of machine.

St. Dunstan’s is an organization in London dedicated to "caring for men and women blinded in the service of their country."

Size: 16 x 6¼ x 11¾ inches

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