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Loan Kits

Our loan kits include background information, artifacts, books, DVDs and more. They can be used before or after an onsite visit—or on their own. Instructions for using each kit include engaging activities that develop logical thinking and analysis skills, as well as appreciation for people who are "differently-abled."

The Braille Kit

The Braille Kit includes books about Louis Braille and his system of writing, books written in braille for all ages, informational materials about the braille code, and DVDs that explain how educational materials for the blind are produced at the American Printing House for the Blind. It also contains slates, styluses, and a braillewriter (similar to a typewriter) so students can practice their own messages in braille.

The Geography Kit

The Geography Kit contains books, in both braille and print, and physical (topographic) maps of the U.S, the Southeast United States, and the world, as well as a U.S. puzzle map. Students can make their own maps with the Picture Maker (a picture board with removable pieces). Also included are ideas for activities using the maps and a PowerPoint presentation on tactile maps.

Practical Information


There is no charge for borrowing one of our kits. However, the kits must be picked up and returned to the Museum by the borrower.


Teachers and other educators may borrow a traveling kit to use at their school or other facility for two weeks.


To reserve a kit, contact Katie Carpenter, Museum Educator, by phone (502-899-2213) or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please call at least two weeks in advance.