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Come visit us for memorable learning adventures! Explore the museum through a factory tour and workshops designed specifically for Scouts.

Factory and Museum Tours for Scouts

On their tour of APH, Scouts can see the production of braille publications, the recording of Talking Books, a demonstration of educational materials, and experience the exhibits and interactive displays in the Museum. Each tour is tailored to suit the time each group has available, the age level of the students, their educational interests, and any special needs.

For younger groups we recommend a one-hour visit. Allow an hour and a half or longer for older students.

Museum Workshops for Scouts

Workshops for Scouts can be scheduled on Saturdays, during school vacations, and after school. We offer workshops that are tied to scout advancements and our own “fun patch” workshops.

Boy Scout Advancements

In a two-hour museum workshop, Scouts can earn many of the requirements for the following:

Call Katie Carpenter, 502-899-2213, or email email hidden; JavaScript is required, to schedule a workshop or for more information.

Girl Scout Advancements

Several of the steps on the Girl Scouts’ journeys can be completed at the museum. Click on the links below for more information.

In a two-hour museum workshop, Girl Scouts can earn all the requirements for the following badges:

In addition, a museum visit can fulfill some of the requirements for several other badges.

Fun Patch Workshops for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Scouts who complete one of our workshops are rewarded with a “fun patch” to celebrate their new learning.

Practical Information for Scout Groups

Information about registration, hours, parking, chaperones, and more.