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Directory of Prison Braille Programs

Prison Braille Program Directory

In 2002, at the request of the founding members of the National Prison Braille Network (NPBN), the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) collected data about prison braille programs known to be in operation and published the information as the 2004 Prison Braille Directory. This valuable resource was updated in 2009 and released in print and braille formats.

The details about each prison braille program include contact information for the people working most closely with the program. These individuals can provide the most up-to-date information about their braille unit. Because this data is so quickly outdated, in the future, this information will be updated annually and posted online—not published as a print booklet.

Guidelines for Starting and Operating Prison Braille Programs

Guidelines for Starting and Operating Prison Braille Programs

In response to numerous requests received each year, APH developed a "how to" manual to help interested people get a prison braille program started. Part 1 of this booklet—Setting the Stage—contains basic information for consideration. There is also a brief overview of Blindness and Braille.

While the bulk of information is dedicated to the details for Starting and Operating a program, including training and equipment needs, the final section—Reentry as a Braille Transcriber—addresses how prison braille programs prepare transcribers for the transition back into society.

Print copies of the publications listed above can be obtained by contacting Rebecca Snider.

The Inside Scoop

A report on Prison Braille Programs (2004—Out of Print). Much of the information contained in the Inside Scoop has been updated and incorporated into the Guidelines for Starting and Operating Prison Braille Programs, as well as in the pages of this website. Please keep this in mind when reading this publication: HTML version; PDF version.

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