Tuck Tinsley

A letter from Tuck Tinsley

Dear Friends:

Donating an engraved stone for permanent placement on the Wall of Tribute, is your opportunity to participate in an important project to preserve our unique history and those who shaped it – the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field.

The importance of this endeavor was best explained by Dr. Dean Tuttle, who said, "The paths that our heroes have blazed and the legacies they have left provide us with purpose and meaning." This project preserves the legacies of those heroes who have provided the foundation upon which we build.

The Hall of Fame, housed at APH but belonging to the entire field, displays the bas relief plaques honoring each of the leaders inducted, including the first class of 2002. Also in place is an artifacts case containing related memorabilia.

Please consider supporting the Hall of Fame by honoring a special person or organization in your personal or professional life with the donation of an engraved stone for the Wall of Tribute–as over 200 people like you have done to date.

To become a part of history, I encourage you to carefully review the following information. To learn more about the development of the project and the leaders and legends already honored, please visit the "virtual" Hall of Fame located on the APH website.

Thank you for supporting this worthy endeavor and, in turn, helping us preserve the history of our field.


Tuck Tinsley III, Ed.D.
Former APH President and former Hall of Fame Advisory Board Member