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The Development of Blind Tennis

Ayako Matsui, International Blind Tennis Association, sent the information below to the International Tennis Federation. Thank you to all who continue to make tennis available to individuals who are visually impaired or blind and to promote the game. To learn how you can establish and promote tennis in your country or local community, contact Ayako Matsui, email hidden; JavaScript is required. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayako.matsui.583#!/groups/129804027216963/

Country Contact Players Program
Argentina Eduardo Raffetto
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22 children
6 adults
Development Tennis in Buenos Aires is a new program in Argentina
Promotes the program in Argentina and other countries [Mexico and U.S. (McAllen, TX)]
22 children, 7-14 years of age, and six adults
Good response from the people concerned, but need support from national institutions and sponsors
All program expenses covered by the academy
Working with U.S., Mèxico, and Mrs. Lolina Fernàndez (Eyes of Hope Foundation) to organize the first meeting of all countries involved in the growth and promotion of Blind Tennis, to be held in February 2014, in McAllen, Texas, USA
Australia Blind Sports Victoria
Maurice Green
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18 Has an 18 week blind and vision impaired tennis program, held in three lots of 6 weeks, at the Melbourne Park Indoor Tennis Centre (on three indoor courts)
Supported by Tennis Seniors Victoria and Tennis Victoria
Have up to 18 players, varying from 18 years of age to 60 plus, and 12 volunteers who help with coaching and assisting players
Bahamas Philippe Azar
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17 Started in December 2012 at the national school for the blind
17 children participate on a weekly basis in organized clinics
Canada Tim Moon
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15-20 In Toronto
China     Demonstration (Tianjin 2009) (Shanghai 2010) (Xuzhou 2011)
England Tennis Foundation
http://metroblindsport.org/index.php?pageid=9 VI Tennis UK
  Demonstration in 2007
200 Facebook members
Finland Finnish Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities   Sent 24 balls in 2011
Japan Japan Blind Tennis Federation
Gentaro Katsurada
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350 Invented by Miyoshi Takei in 1984
National Tournament started in 1990
Korea Korean Blind Tennis Association   Demonstration in 2007
Played at all schools for children with visual impairment and blindness
Tournament is held every year
Japanese and Chinese players joined in 2012 and 2013
Lebanon Mr. Sleiman Jaber
Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf
  Sent 30 balls in 2010
Mexico Eyes of Hope
Miradas de Esperanza

Mrs. Lolina Uribe Garza Fernandez
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email hidden; JavaScript is required

  Started in May, 2013
Plan to have approximately 50 children and young adults training in Mexico by September
Nuevo Leon and Victoria Tamaulipas begin training in Monterrey in September, with approximately 20 children
Negotiating with Mexico City to start tennis there
Videos with Miradas de Esperanza Children training:
New Zealand Shireen Ali
Manager Equipment Services
Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
  Sent 48 balls in 2010
Philippines Lauro Purcil
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6 Have six trained players; training started through a parents organization
Professor Maripres Pascua of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines helps in the promotion
Russia     Demonstration in Moscow, 2011
Singapore Soundball Singapore
Kenneth Ng
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14 20 volunteers
Plans to expand into VI schools and create a program for children in 2014
Two separate sessions; 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs per session, held once a week
Target – to hold local tournament in 2014
South Africa Manager Wheelchair Tennis SA
Karen Losch
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  Bought approximately 3,600 balls from Japan
Spain Fernando Ortega
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  Training is going to be experimental (five adults and five children) with plans for a weekly program of 2 days a week
Goal – to create good players and show others that it is possible to play tennis without sight
Exhibition planned for December 28, 2013
Taiwan     Demonstration 2008
USA American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
Tristan Pierce
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  Sold 1,580 30-Love Tennis Kits [six balls, two rackets, two blindfolds, guidebook (large print and braille)] and 492 replacement balls.
USA Eyes of Hope
Miradas de Esperanza
Lolina Fernandez
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  McAllen, TX (See Mexico)
USA Tennis Serves
Sejal Vallabh
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60-70 Student run organization
Programs in Boston, New York, and California
Vietnam Blind School   Sent 30 balls in 2010