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A teen and a child ride a Tag Along bike.

Achievable ConceptsOpens a new window
The entire range of adapted equipment and specialized products is listed with prices. The equipment ranges from the passive to the extreme and includes adapted cycles, beach wheelchair, modified games and cards, bowling aids, specialized gardening equipment, activity resource manuals, and other publications.

Adaptap is a plastic saddle clamped to a swimming pool anti wave line. The saddle supports a thin rod with a small ball on the end extending into the lane.
A teen jumps rope using a ropeless jump rope; she is on an anti shock orientation mat.
Two electronic sound balls--one red and the other yellow.
A pushbutton padlock with its combination card in large print and braille.
A portable sound source with a remote control.

The Adaptap is a lane navigation system for swimmers with visual impairments and blindness. It enables them to swim faster, straighter, and more confidently. To order or learn more about Adaptap, contact Annie Foos at foosannie@gmail.com.

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
The world’s largest source for adapted educational and daily living products, including sound emitting balls and portable sound sources for use in games and sports.

Ann Morris Enterprises, Inc.
Ann Morris Enterprises is a division of Independent Living AidsOpens a new window.

Audio Dart MasterOpens a new window
Fully accessible talking dart board.

A company that develops software for the blind and visually impaired, including audio games powered with CD quality sound imagery.
P.O. Box #8
Dewitt, NY 13214

The Beep Kickball AssociationOpens a new window

Beyond Sight, Inc.Opens a new window
5650 South Windermere Street
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: 303-795-6455
Fax: 303-795-6425

CenturyLink PioneersOpens a new window
The Denver Beep Ball Group sells Beep Baseballs and beep Easter eggs. You must visit the CenturyLink Pioneers online ordering system before placing orders to determine shipping costs.

Dancing DotsOpens a new window
GOODFEEL gives the blind musician timely, direct access to the information the composer intended to transmit to the performer. It helps equip the blind performer to act as a leader in an ensemble rather than as a follower. GOODFEEL, combined with the Lime Music Notation editor, enables any sighted musician to prepare a braille score without needing to know the rules and syntax of music braille. MIDISCAN or PianoScan can be used to scan staff notation into Lime’s editor, speeding data entry. Blind composers/arrangers who create MIDI files with Cakewalk or other sequencers can now independently emboss braille scores of their creative ideas.

FlaghouseOpens a new window

Freedom Concepts, Inc.Opens a new window
Designer and builder of adaptive bicycles.

GOPHEROpens a new window

Independent Living AidsOpens a new window
Carries a variety of talking, braille, and large print recreational items.

Lighthouse GuildOpens a new window
Carries a variety of talking, braille, and large print recreational items.

LS&S ProductsOpens a new window
LS&S Products carries bell soccer balls and a bell football.

Maxi-AidsOpens a new window
Maxi-Aids offers a beeping, foam soccer ball; a junior-size, beeping, foam ball; and an official-size basketball with bells inside.

P. E. Central Online StoreOpens a new window

Power Showdown Tables
Each table is individually crafted and comes with two paddles and two balls. Read more about PowerShowdown.
For additional information about the game: Jim Mastro jmastro@bemidjistate.edu
To order a table: Chris Keenan (218) 751-2114

Shoei Industry Co., LtdOpens a new window
Audible Tennis Balls. Balls can also be ordered from APH.

SportimeOpens a new window