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  1. “Yes I Can” Paralympic video 
  2. “Yes I Can” Paralympic video (sign and subtitled)
  3. A kid who is blind DOMINATES sports
  4. Blind/Visually Impaired and dedicated to being fit with trainer Anthony Freeman
  5. SDSU Quest for the Best 2012 – Jeremy Poincenot
  6. The Importance of Sports Camps For Youth With Visual Impairment
  7. P.E. Games for Blind Students
  8. Blind Skater


  1. The Blind Archery Champion
  2. WV Deaf and Blind School archery team thriving

Barrel Racing

  1. Let Him Run, Brittney, Let Him Run


  1. Basketball Coaching VI

Beep Baseball

  1. Including Athletes with Visual Impairment and Deafblindness in Beep Baseball and Beep Kickball
  2. 2011 Beep Baseball World Series Indianapolis, In
  3. Beep Baseball in Cuba
  4. The All-Stars of Beep Baseball

Beep Kickball

  1. Including Athletes with Visual Impairment and Deafblindness in Beep Baseball and Beep Kickball
  2. Beep Kickball for People with Vision Impairments


  1. Blind Bike Trials Video 1
  2. Boy who is Deafblind riding Unicycle
  3. Blind Courage 1 of 2


  1. Blind Bowlers Defy Disability


  1. Camp Abilities offers kids a life-changing week: ‘Everybody includes me’
  2. I Feel Included


  1. How a Blind Person Canoes


  1. Steph Is an International Cheerleader…She’s Also Blind


  1. Visually Impaired ( Blind ) Chess Players @ the Gathering of Knights & Kings 2011

Cross Country

  1. Cross Country Coaching VI/B


  1. Breakdancing for visually impaired children
  2. AJ the Blind Tango Dancer
  3. STEP IN THE DARK – October 2010 – Ballet program for blind youth


  1. Blind Fencers Face Off
  2. Blind Fencing at the Warsaw Wheelchair Fencing World Cup. 2010


  1. Blind Football Player
  2. Blind Football Player
  3. Blind Football Player Not Discouraged
  4. Blind running back scores 2 touchdowns, aims for NFL career


  1. Goalball: A Sport For the Blind
  2. The Road to 2012 – Goalball
  3. London 2012 – Goalball
  4. What is Goalball?
  5. Goalball, Explained


  1. American Blind Golf Ohio News Network
  2. Blind golf champion Jeremy Poincenot visits Tyler
  3. Blind Golfer Goes to Nationals
  4. United States Blind Golf Association (USBGA) 62nd National C
  5. Blind teen golfer follows his PGA dream


  1. BYU Gymnast competes while deaf and blind in one eye
  2. Blind Gymnast Makes a Leap of Faith


  1. Trevor Thomas the Blind Hiker completes the Mountain to Sea Trail


  1. USA Blind Hockey – Chicago
  2. Meet Vancouver’s blind hockey team

Horseback Riding

  1. Blind Rider

Ice Skating

  1. Stash Serafin Blind Ice Skater
  2. Blind Boy Skating (Taylor Richardson)


  1. Blind Judo (II)
  2. London 2012 – Blind Judo at the Paralympics
  3. International Blind Sports Federation – Judo Videos


  1. How a Blind Person Canoes
  2. Blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer takes on kayaking
  3. Kayaking Blind
  4. Meet Neil “Tailz” Taylor, First Descents’ first blind participant

Martial Arts

  1. Karate for the Blind
  2. Seido Karate Classes for the Visually Impaired 1992
  3. Self Defense for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Pole Vaulting

  1. America Strong: Blind Pole Vaulter Soars Past The Odds


  1. Blind Powerlifting Athlete to represent USA in World Event
  2. Blind Powerlifter Pekx Nanai – Living Life Powerfully

Rock Climbing

  1. Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer tackles his hardest route to date – Eldorado Canyon’s The Naked Edge
  2. Blind Rock Climbing
  3. Blind RopeTeam – first all-blind rockclimbing ascent


  1. Blind Rower Loves Rowing a Whitehall Spirit Tango 17
  2. Blind Rowing Team
  3. Super Athletes – Victoria Nolan – Paralympic Rowing – “The Metronome”


  1. USA 1 Blind Match Racing 

Scuba Diving

  1. Mitch the blind scuba diver
  2. Daves Dive -Great Barrier Reef – Blind Scuba Diver


  1. Showdown English Subtitle


  1. Blind Skateboarder: Josh Stundon
  2. Blind Skateboarder: Tommy Carroll
  3. Blind Skater Tommy Carroll Interviewed by Tony Hawk- Dissent
  4. Blind skateboarder. Be brave, be safe.


  1. 1st Lt. Scott Smiley – Visually Impaired Skier
  2. Blind skier races for charity
  3. First Person: Blind Skier’s Quest for Gold
  4. Visually Impaired Skier Caitlin Sarubbi Prepares For 2014 Paralympics


  1. Soccer Coaching VI
  2. David Beckham Plays Blind Football — Paralympics — Sainsbury’s — Full Version
  3. Republic of Ireland visually impaired & blind football
  4. How Argentina’s blind soccer team became champions

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

  1. How a Blind Person Canoes


  1. Blind Swimmer with Big Dreams
  2. Fighting Against The Odds Blind Swimmer at Notre Da
  3. Paralympic Swimmer
  4. Swimming Blind
  5. INSPIRING U- Blind Swimmer
  6. Swimming Coaching VI


  1. Including Athletes with Visual Impairment and Deafblindness in Tennis
  2. “30- Love My Tennis Kit” – 3rd Place – Unforgettable Star Spring 2016 Contest
  3. Blind player shows Agassi how it’s done
  4. Blind and Visually Impaired Texans Can Still Play Tennis
  5. Blind Tennis: Womens singles final 2010
  6. Amazing blind tennis players!
  7. Ear on the Ball: Blind Kids Play Tennis
  8. How do you play blind tennis?

Track and Field/Running

  1. Track & Field Coaching VI
  2. Blind Paralympian Elexis Gillette: San Diego News Interview
  3. Irish Blind Sports Running athletics
  4. Victory in Sight (Texas Country Reporter)
  5. An Introduction to Guide Running
  6. Visually Impaired Clarksville Sprinter Training to Qualify for US Paralympics
  7. RUNNING BLIND – the Bobby Steele Story


  1. Blind Triathlete
  2. Dave’s Freedom


  1. Including Athletes with Visual Impairment and Deafblindness in Volleyball
  2. Volleyball adapted for individuals with visual impairment

Water Skiing

  1. Champion Blind Water Skier, Saskatoon; Bill Brown


  1. Meet 13-Year-Old Blind Wrestler Max Lamm, the Sport’s Most Inspirational Athlete
  2. “Blind Wrestler”
  3. ESPN: Two high school wrestlers, one blind and one with no legs, discover the meaning of true friendship


  1. Seeing From The Heart Yoga Part 1 by Cindy Rog
  2. Marty Klein’s Blind Yoga Flow
  3. Blind Yogi – Ski for Light