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Virtual Sports

There are several virtual sports and physical activities that can be played on TV screens or computer monitors. This is called motion gaming. Aerobics, bowling, Hula Hoop exercises, jogging, tennis, and yoga are some of the activities offered in virtual platforms.

Virtual tennis is a game where the ball is seen or heard on a TV screen. The player may use a short wand, racquet, or simply her own arm (depending on brand platform) to hit the ball. The swing sends the ball over the virtual court and to the opponent’s side. Then the other player hits the virtual ball back, and the rally continues until someone misses or hits the ball into the net. Some tennis wands can be set to vibrate and the ball to make noise. These signals help people with visual impairment play the game.

Virtual sports can be an alternative when inclement weather or injuries keep you from your regular physical activities.


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