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Students and adults paddle two canoes and a swan boat on a lake.

Two quick-tip sheets to teach and learn gross motor development skills

Print, laminate, and keep close at hand for a quick reference.

Bike Trainers

Cartoon of man riding bicycle on a trainer

Are you an enthusiastic cyclist looking for a way to keep training, even on days when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate? If so, a bike trainer might be just the thing for you! Bike trainers are specifically-designed frames that turn regular bicycles into stationary ones. There are several types of trainers,Opens a new window each with different resistance mechanisms, from the most basic wind trainers to the more expensive and complex flywheel models. There is a trainer to suit just about every type of bicycle, including road, mountain, BMX, and even tandem. “Smart” trainers have the capability to sync to third-party cycling apps such as StravaOpens a new window, ZwiftOpens a new window, and TrainerRoadOpens a new window; the voice-over feature on a smartphone or tablet makes this workout option completely accessible by reading stats such as distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned.


Introduction to Bicycle Trainers


Smart Trainers

https://www.bikeradar.com/us/road/gear/article/smart-trainers-the-best-options-weve-tested-and-what-to-consider-45980/Opens a new window


Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind

Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind,Opens a new window by David Wanczyk, is the first book published about this remarkable sport. The book illuminates the sport of blind baseball to show us a remarkable version of America’s pastime. With balls tricked out to squeal three times per second, and with bases that buzz, this game of baseball for the blind is both innovative and intense. And when the best beep baseball team in America, the Austin Blackhawks, takes on its international rival, Taiwan Homerun, no one’s thinking about disability. What we find are athletes playing their hearts out for a championship.

Track & Field Video for Coaching Students with Visual Impairments and Blindness

Including Young Athletes with Visual Impairment in Track & Field  is the third in a series of videos designed to help coaches, sports assistants, and parents with teaching strategies, modifications, and equipment adaptations.

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